Single Rotor Fine Shredder GSE Series

Single Rotor Fine Shredder GSE Series

GSE-3 series European version single shaft fine shredder is the third generation enhanced product of GEP ECOTECH single shaft fine shredder series. It not only comprehensively adjusted the structure design, but also strengthened the equipment as a whole, making the equipment more widely applicable, with stronger crushing capacity, and better processing effect in high-intensity crushing operation of complex materials in large production lines.


GSE-3 series shredder is very suitable for the fine shredding of domestic waste, industrial waste, paper mill waste, waste plastics, waste glass and other solid wastes, especially for the high-intensity crushing of complex materials in large production lines.

Working Principle

The materials are put in through the feed inlet, and are sent to the rotating rotor with the aid of the arc access door and the ejector. Then, they are sheared by the cutter particles that move in a circle and the fixed toothed fixed cutter. When the volume of the cut materials is smaller than the mesh diameter, they fall out directly, and the larger materials continue to be broken.

Single Rotor Fine Shredder GSE Series

Features and Advantages

Integrated design
The power system, crushing system, hydraulic feeding system, rapid discharging system, intelligent protection system and maintenance system are integrated to make operation more convenient and automatic processing capability and collaboration function more powerful.
high degree of automation
The new equipment has strong integration. Three upgrades have made all functions more compatible with the GI intelligent monitoring system of GEP ECOTECH. The degree of equipment automation has been further improved, and automatic maintenance, data monitoring, exception handling and other aspects are more intelligent.
Shredder Cutters
The wear-resistant layer is added to the cutter shaft, and the toughness and strength ratio of the cutter are adjusted, so that the basic functions of the equipment can play a higher crushing capacity and efficiency under the new structure. The performance is comprehensively improved, the equipment has a wider scope of application, and the service life is longer.
The blanking screen and the access door are integrated, which reduces some auxiliary components. When the equipment is being maintained, it can be opened hydraulically with one button. It is more convenient to overhaul and adjust the screen, which not only shortens the maintenance time, but also greatly improves the stability of the long-term operation of the equipment.

Extended Information

  1. Equipment Price and Terms of Delivery?

    GEP Ecotech conducts business around the world, the delivery price of equipment changes frequently and is affected by multiple factors, including the price of raw materials, the delivery location, and the specific configuration of the equipment. You can inform us of your specific needs by filling in the form in our website or contacting our online service. We will send you the latest quotation after receiving your request.

  2. Can a single fine shredder be used for domestic waste?

    Of course, the single shaft fine shredder is a commonly used secondary shredding equipment in the domestic waste recycling disposal system. The domestic waste with complex components is sent to the double shaft shredder for primary shredding, and then to the single shaft fine shredder for fine shredding. The product size is about 50mm, which can be used as RDF. The single shaft fine shredder of GEP ECOTECH has more obvious advantages in disposal of complex materials and high-intensity working environment.

  3. What materals can be crushed by single shaft fine shredder?

    The single shaft fine shredder is mostly used for secondary or tertiary shredding. The discharge size is concentrated in the range of 30-120mm. Shreddable materials include: domestic waste, industrial waste, general plastics in the fields of injection molding, extrusion, film blowing, etc., nonferrous metals such as copper and aluminum, wood such as wood pallets, logs, wood scraps, copper core, aluminum core cables and composite cables, glass fiber products, automobile windshields, sealant strips and other composite materials, unqualified products and expired articles that need to be destroyed safely, etc. It has a very wide range of applications and strong crushing capacity.

  4. What aspects have beed upgraded in the third-generation European version single shaft fine shredder?

    Upgrade point 1: New design, beautiful atmosphere and strong integration. The whole machine integrates the power system, shredding system, hydraulic feeding system, rapid discharging system and intelligent protection system, with powerful functions. Upgrade point 2: The blanking screen and the access door are of an integrated structure. Only one hydraulic button is needed to open them, which can facilitate the screen replacement, shorten the maintenance time, improve the work efficiency and ensure the continuity of production. Upgrade point 3: The wear-resistant layer is overlaid on the surface of the cutter shaft to form an effective isolation protection belt to avoid strong abrasion, improve the wear-resistant ability, extend the service life, and reduce the maintenance cost and purchase cost. Upgrade point 4: The protective cover of the belt conveyor is small and delicate, and it is a divided structure, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly, and easy to replace the belt; At the same time, it has strong ventilation to prevent ash deposition.

Industry Solutions

Waste Tire Shredding & Recycling System, Waste Tyre Recycling PlantConstruction& Demolition Waste Disposal System, C&D Waste Recycling PlantMunicipal Solid Waste Disposal System, MSW Shredding & Sorting PlantRefuse-Derived Fuel & Solid Recovered Fuel SystemIndustrial& Commercial Solid Waste Disposal SystemHazardous Waste Disposal System, Hazardous Waste Recycling PlantPre-Shredding System for Biomass Power Plant, Biofuel Shredding Plant

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