Double-Shaft Shredder GDI Series

Double-Shaft Shredder GDI Series

GDI Series Shredder is a multi-purpose dual-shaft shredder for reducing industrial and commercial wastes. It shreds various materials into optimum shapes and sizes for recycling, incineration, or landfill. GDI has unimaginable stability and is always reliable, which makes it possible to cope with the demand for waste disposal under the harshest working conditions.


Industrial and commercial waste is the solid waste generated from the activities of production and business units. It has a complex composition and may contain various plastics, cardboard, metals, fibers, leather, wood, glass, etc. These materials have a high value for reuse and can be recycled after treatment, into waste-to-energy incineration plants or made into refuse-derived fuels.

Working Principle

The industrial waste shredder mainly relies on the principle of shearing and cutting to complete the process of shredding materials. The motor drives the reducer and transmits the torque to the shredder's cutters through the cutter roller shaft, which hooks the material and tears it downwards, while the cutters on the relative rollers act like scissors to cut the material. The shredded material is discharged from the bottom of the shredder.

Double-Shaft Shredder GDI Series

GEP Ecotech's GDI series of industrial waste shredders are ideal for cutting commercial and industrial waste, and for some hazardous solid waste generated by industry and commerce, we have additional specialized equipment for safe disposal.

Features and Advantages

cutter box
Heat-treated and high-precision machined integral cutter box, not easy to deformation, more load-bearing capacity, smooth working conditions.
Unique anti-winding device
Unique anti-winding device, able to cope with industrial waste of mixed composition and enhance the efficiency of material shredding.
Multi-combination seal
Multi-combination seal protects the bearings from complex materials and has a longer service life.
GI intelligent system
GI intelligent system can real-time monitoring, abnormal alarm, remote diagnosis, powerful and safer.
Double motors + double planetary reducer drive
Double motors + double planetary reducer drive, strong power, high shearing force, high shredding efficiency.
automatic bearing lubrication system
Equipped with automatic bearing lubrication system, reducing human intervention in the equipment, improving stability and saving production management costs.
hydraulic auxiliary pressing device
Customized hydraulic auxiliary pressing device to cope with non-shreddable materials and improve the comprehensive adaptability of the equipment.
Intelligent centralized control system
Intelligent centralized control system and advanced human-machine interface, on-site operation is more time-saving, energy-saving and heart-saving

Extended Information

  1. Equipment Price and Terms of Delivery?

    GEP Ecotech conducts business around the world, the delivery price of equipment changes frequently and is affected by multiple factors, including the price of raw materials, the delivery location, and the specific configuration of the equipment. You can inform us of your specific needs by filling in the form in our website or contacting our online service. We will send you the latest quotation after receiving your request.
  2. How much does a complete industrial waste disposal system cost?

    A complete industrial waste disposal system includes shredding system, sorting system, conveying system, etc. Each process corresponds to different equipment models and styles, and the price varies. According to the market price statistics of the solid waste disposal industry, the investment cost of a complete industrial waste disposal system is different, because different users have different requirements for the quality and output of the system equipment, and there are various options for configuration. Regardless of the price point, only the right configuration of equipment will give better performance. Please consult our online customer service to get a quotation for your equipment.
  3. How GEP can plan the industrial waste disposal solution for you?

    Firstly, you need to inform us of the details of the project so that every detail can be considered, which is the basis; then the two sides have a friendly communication, each program needs a few days to communicate and precipitate, careful consideration, smooth communication, and naturally high efficiency. Please don't blame us for knowing too much, it would be irresponsible to give you a finalized proposal directly without precise information. We are sure you have many questions, and we are happy to answer them. The process of answering questions is also a process of improving understanding of the project. A good disposal plan is half the battle.
  4. What factors determine the size of the shredded material?

    (1) the number of teeth of the shredder cutter determines the fineness of the material; (2) the distance between the movable cutters and the movable cutters determines the size of the length of the shredded material; (3) the distance between the movable cutters and the sleeves determines the width of the shredded material.
  5. How to choose a suitable double-shaft shredder

    Before buying a double-shaft shredder, you can refer to this process: first, determine your needs according to your actual situation; then determine the type and model of twin shaft shredder according to your needs; then, go on a field trip according to the relevant information you have collected; finally, determine the manufacturer according to the results of the trip.

Industry Solutions

Waste Tire Shredding & Recycling System, Waste Tyre Recycling PlantConstruction& Demolition Waste Disposal System, C&D Waste Recycling PlantMunicipal Solid Waste Disposal System, MSW Shredding & Sorting PlantRefuse-Derived Fuel & Solid Recovered Fuel SystemIndustrial& Commercial Solid Waste Disposal SystemPre-Shredding System for Biomass Power Plant, Biofuel Shredding PlantHazardous Waste Disposal System, Hazardous Waste Recycling Plant

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