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Kitchen waste introduction

Kitchen waste

Kitchen waste mainly refers to the daily life of residents, food processing, catering services, unit meals and other activities generated by garbage. Kitchen waste includes waste edible oil and kitchen waste. Waste edible oils and fats refer to non-edible animal, vegetable oils and oil-water mixtures, while kitchen waste refers to food residues and food processing wastes, mainly solid residues in kitchen waste, which is an important part of municipal solid waste.

Kitchen waste shredder application

The ingredients of kitchen waste are complex, mainly including rice, flour food residues, vegetables, animal and vegetable oils, meat and bone, etc. From the chemical composition, there are starch, cellulose, protein, lipids and inorganic salts.

Kitchen waste shredding process

Kitchen waste shredder process

Kitchen waste shredder recommended equipment

Kitchen waste shredder case scene

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