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Waste plastic introduction

Waste plastic

Plastic waste refers to waste plastics or products in daily life and other activities which are pollute the environment. Waste plastic products have become one of the main components of municipal solid waste. People throw them randomly. Plastics are not easy to degrade. The components contained in them have potential hazards and affect the urban landscape. Foreign countries often call this plastic wast.

Waste plastic shredder application

Waste plastic products for daily use: plastic water cups, tablecloths, baby diapers, waste plastic bags or artificial leather bags, plastic cosmetics bottles, medicine bottles, etc.

Waste agricultural plastic products: waste plastic film, mulching film, pesticide bags or bottles, etc.

Disposable plastic products: plastic bottles, plastic bags, foam for filling, plastic lunch boxes and tableware, etc.

Waste plastic shredder recommended equipment

Waste plastic shredder case scene

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