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Paper mill twisted rope introduction

Paper mill twisted rope

The main components of waste materials produced in paper mills are plastics, steel wire and residual pulp. Several of these materials are mixed to form large objects which are difficult to separate. Every year, the amount of waste discharged by paper mills is calculated by hundreds of tons. The impurities include some plastics and other inorganic substances which can not be recycled from waste plastics, including sedimentation and scum produced by flocculation in sewage treatment system, sludge produced in sewage treatment system and some domestic waste produced in living areas. Therefore, how to solve the waste and residue of paper mills is the most important problem for paper mills.

Paper mill twisted rope shredder application

Paper products such as paper mill waste light slag, paper mill waste, carton mill waste, paper scraps, etc.

Paper mill twisted rope shredding process

Paper mill twisted rope shredder process

Paper mill twisted rope shredder recommended equipment

Paper mill twisted rope shredder case scene

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