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Hazardous waste introduction

Hazardous waste

Waste with toxic, inflammable, mordant, infective and intensive chemical reactivity or other harmful characteristics produced in industrial production. For example, electroplating slag waste, organic solvents waste, non-ferrous metal metallurgy waste and so on. Discharged arbitrary will cause serious harm to the health of water, atmosphere, soil and even human body. It is very important to properly handle industrial hazardous waste. Industrial hazardous waste is relatively concentrated. The main treatment and disposal methods include resource utilization, incineration, solidification, stabilization and landfill.

Hazardous waste shredder application

Hazardous waste "rotary kiln - waste heat boiler" disposal system, hazardous waste cement kiln co-disposal, SMP (crushing - mixing - pumping) system, hazardous waste treatment plant shredding system, 200L iron drum / plastic barrel, ibc ton barrel, etc. Industrial waste

Hazardous waste shredding process

Hazardous waste shredder process

Hazardous waste shredder recommended equipment

Hazardous waste shredder case scene

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