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Garden garbage introduction

Garden garbage

With the rapid development of urban landscape construction, the green coverage ratio of urban and rural has increased sharply, and the living environment has been improved. At the same time, the area of greening management has been expanding, resulting in more and more garden garbage such as branches, leaves, lawn trimmers and so on. If not handled effectively, it will not only affect the urban environment, but also cause fire accidents, which is also a serious waste of resources.

Garden garbage shredder application

Garden garbage is shredded by shredder, some for ecological coverage, and some for deep processing to make organic fertilizer. After shredded, the materials that need to be manufactured into organic fertilizer will be temporarily piled up in the pretreatment area, and then transferred to the organic fertilizer machine for fermentation treatment to make organic fertilizer and biomass fuel rods. The organic fertilizer produced is used for ecological green planting. The biomass fuel rods produced can replace other fuels in life and realize waste reduction, resource utilization and harmless treatment.

Garden garbage shredding process

Garden garbage shredder process

Garden garbage shredder recommended equipment

Garden garbage shredder case scene

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