GP Series Primary Shredder

GP Series Primary Shredder

Application areas:

Bulky waste Iron sheet and aluminum profile waste Domestic waste Biomass and garden waste RDF (Waste Derivative Fuel)MSW(Municipal Solid Waste)disposal Hazardous waste disposal

Product introduction

GP series hydraulic primary shredder is one of the main shredding equipment with high production efficiency for solid waste shredding, which is mostly used in the first process of various solid waste shredding. The two-shaft shredder is mainly composed of main shaft, cutters, middle counter cutters, shredding chamber, power system, etc. The cutter rollers are directly driven by low speed and high torque dual hydraulic motors. The material is treated by shearing, tearing and pulling by the interaction between the moving cutters and the middle counter cutters. It has the characteristics of large crushing force, high output, low noise and good stability. Usually used in various solid waste crushing treatment, domestic waste crushing treatment, waste volume reduction and other fields; wide applicability of materials, high crushing efficiency.

Product advantages

Technical parameter

Model Power(kW) Shredding chamber size(mm) Weight(t) Dimension(mm)
GP12 160-250 1200×1800 11 3500×1900×3100
GP16 200-320 1600×2000 15 3800×2200×3200
GP18 300-400 1800×2500 20 4800×2400×3300

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