GFM Series Tire Steel Wire Separator

GFM Series Tire Steel Wire Separator

Work principle:

Through the shearing and extrusion effect of the raster on the roller and the raster on the chamber, the rubber block was torn up and sheared to a smaller size. At the same time, steel wire and some fibers were screened and separated from rubber during the crushing process. The bottom of the wire separator is equipped with screen mesh, the material smaller than the screen mesh will fall out, the bigger material will keep shredding in the shredding chamber until it can pass the screen mesh.

Product introduction

GFM series tire steel wire separator is a kind of equipment independently developed by GEP ECOTECH, aiming at the rising trend of waste tire recycling and combining with practical experience. GFM series tire steel wire separator consists of motor, reducer, rotary cutter roller, shredding chamber, frame, screen, hydraulic auxiliary device, etc. The separator can crush the waste tire rubber blocks (50-100mm) into 15-30mm particles, and can separate steel wire and some fibers from rubber in the crushing process.

Product advantages

Technical parameter

Model Power(kW) Shredding chamber size(mm) Weight(t)
GFM10 110-150 1000×650 7
GFM15 180-260 1500×650 12
GFM20 320-400 2000×650 19

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