Bulky Waste Shredding and Disposal Project in Jiangsu, China

Area: Jiangsu, China


Application: Shred bulky waste and reduce the size

Completion Date:

A city authority in Jiangsu province purchased a GEP ECOTECH CO., LTD's bulky waste shredding and disposal system to shred used sofas, furniture and other bulky waste. The customer said that the disposal system has fulfilled the original purpose of tailoring the system for bulky waste. The main equipment, the bulky waste shredder, has a high shear force, high shredding efficiency and can meet the noise standard. The semi-enclosed design of the feed bin prevents the waste from splashing around during shredding and ensures a relatively clean working environment. 300-500mm shredded size and 10-40 tones daily capacity are not bad.

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