When FRP Scrap Meets Shredder ...... This Project Will Tell You the Answer

FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) is a composite material made of glass fibers and its products (glass cloth, tape, felt, yarn, etc.) as reinforcing material and synthetic resin as matrix material. Light and hard, non-conductive, corrosion-resistant, stable, high mechanical strength, can replace steel manufacturing machine parts and automotive, ship shells, etc., but less recycling.

Based on one, the lifespan of FRP is 10-20 years and the trim waste generated during production is about 3%-5% of the output, there is a large amount of waste FRP material to be disposed of every year; and two, the huge demand for FRP material from large-scale urbanization and large industrialized manufacturing projects are the two main factors, therefore, there is an infinite and vast market for recyclable, clean and environmentally friendly FRP waste recycling business.

FRP scrap

In order to facilitate subsequent disposal at different end points such as pyrolysis and incineration, FRP scrap is usually first shredded and reduced in size.

double-shaft shredder

If a double-shaft shredder does not meet your requirements for material size, can a single-shaft shredder be added to shred the FRP to a particle size of 95% <30mm? A chemical group in Shandong uses a hydraulically driven double-shaft shredder + single-shaft shredder configuration to dispose of the large amount of FRP waste generated in its park.

waste FRP processing production line

waste FRP

The highlight of the line, apart from the hydraulically driven double-shaft shredder (which is more adaptable to materials, more stable in operation and consumes less energy than the motor-driven one), is the European version of the single-shaft shredder which determines the final size of the FRP scrap. The machine adopts an oblique pushing arc pusher, which is hydraulically driven and pushes the material quickly; even when the pusher is not working, the material can fall directly into the shredding zone by its own gravity and the arc access door to achieve rapid shredding; its screen and screen bracket are of split structure, so that the size of the material can be adjusted by simply replacing the screen mesh; in order to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency, the screen assembly and access door are hydraulically opened with one key; As for the cutting tools, which are directly related to the shredding efficiency, the high quality of raw materials is still maintained, and the imported alloy steel material is used to guarantee the wear resistance and service life.

European version of the single-shaft shredder

The project has been in operation for more than a month and the customer is very satisfied with the operation effect, shredding efficiency and discharge size of the equipment, and also appreciates the services provided by GEP from preliminary consultation, solution design to on-time delivery, installation and commissioning and operation training.

To make good products that satisfy customers with craftsmanship is the original intention that GEP has been practicing.

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