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Hot Focus Speeding Up the Recycling of Waste Tires in China


Dealing with waste tires is a strategic industry to solve the black pollution and promote the resources recycling. Along with the national requirements on environmental emissions is becoming more and more strict, the production enterprises

China eco environmental protection brewing a new situation, five unprecedented issues taking shape


Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. Improve the ecological environment is the development of productive forces. From top design to full deployment and the strictest system to the more severe rule of law, China's ecologic

How is the future of Green Takeaway? Lunch boxes waste should be supervised and managed


Since the takeaway waste has become the hotspot, people have focused on how to deal with plastic lunch boxes waste. Because the new Internet plus Food lifestyle is highly accepted, the problem of lunch boxes waste becomes particularly sever

Zhang Dejiang inspected the implementation of the law of solid wastes pollution control


During inspecting the implementation of the law of solid wastes environmental pollution control in Hunan Province, Zhang Dejiang emphasized constructing the stable foundation, focusing on the key point, coordinated promoting and comprehensi

Use the waste computer to change basin! How to deal with e-waste?


With the electronic products coming into people's life, China has become the largest consumer of electronic products. At the same time, a large number of electronic waste has been produced. E-waste contains a large number of harmful heavy

The government environmental inspecting keeps on high tide


The fourth batch of central environmental supervision work has been officially kicked off after the first three batchof fruitful succession. Combating environmental pollution is a temporary solution to the problem, protecting the blue sky,

Henan many villages open "garbage supermarket", with garbage as "money"


"This is my exercise book exchanged with waste batteries!" In August 3rd, Huzhuang village Miaoxia town, the 13 year old Hu Mengbin very happy, and said proudly, he has account in the village e-commerce service center, he collects toxic a

Hot garbage forced classification into the law enforcement era, Shanghai and Guangzhou began to play


according to reports, September 2017, Guangzhou will launch a special law enforcement work carried out compulsory garbage classification, mainly for the organs, enterprises and institutions and property units, for ordinary residents will en

The broken and waste bike-sharing piled up to become the new questions of environmental protection.


Sharing the bike fit environmental protection, the concept of people, so the government's strong support and the public's wide welcome. However, the enterprise only put on regardless of the behavior of recycling, huge quantity of waste an

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