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Striving to developrefuse incinerating power generation with a bright future


The refuse incinerating power generationorganically combines environmental protection and energy conservation with a bright future. With the gradual increase of capital investment and progressively improvement of technology and policy, the

Environmental Protection Equipment Industry Rise, Crushing Machines Industry is Booming


The modernization of the nation and the rise of environmental protection industry have created the vigorous vitality of the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, espacially promoted the demand of crushing machines, which highly bo

Making Up the Eco-friendly Accounts of Shopping Festival, the Green Logistics Have a Rapid Growth


Following the rapid development of the on-line shopping, Double 11 and Shopping Festival have become the best partner. The data shows that, the expree quantity during this Double 11 will reaches one billion units. The cost pressure and envi

The message from Ministry of Industry and Information: the next trillion industry is the environment


Economic Observer News reported that, in the report of 19th National Congress of CPC, appears a new key world “Beauty”compared with the report of 19th National Congress of CPC.The issue of environmental protection around “beautiful China

When will the metamorphosis of medical waste be stopped?


It is reported that Nanjing Qixia police cracked the first case of medical waste pollution in Nanjing. 13.5 tons medical wastes were seized at the scene. The suspects purchased and sold totally more than 3,000 tons of medical wastes. It is

Is it the green travel or solid waste?


Right now, with the booming of sharing economy, the sharing bike has become a new star in big cities, which meets a great development chance. While, the sharing bike with low carbon travel as development concept now is increasingly exposed

Excessive Packaging for Dignity is Intolerable


When it is a festival, walking in the shopping mall, there are a wide range of goods and products. The sellers have put all kinds of beautiful gifts in conspicuous position, like cigarettes, wine, tea, moon-cake, health products and etc. Th

Developing enterprise culture and enhancing team spirit——GEP ECOTECH Mountain-climbing Activity


in order to fostering team spirit, improving the employees’ individual quality, enhancing communication among members and increasing team cohesion, our company organized a mountain-climbing activity with the theme of Developing Enterprise

Massive Garbage Been Left after the Express Carnival, Expected to Reduce It from the Source


It is said the coin had two sides. With the rise of online shopping, the express delivery industry has been growing rapidly; and the huge amount of express garbage is becoming a problem. How to reduce the express garbage? How to recycle the

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