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A New Revision of the National Standards for the "Express Package"


According to the reduction, green, recycling requirements, the relevant aspects of the original standard was improved and the new national standard will be formally implemented in September 1, 2018.

Bright Future of Industrial Solid Waste Processing Market: The Annual Output Value Will Exceed 850 B


Industrial waste treatment is a process that decomposes harmful substances to human or environment in waste or by physical, chemical and biological means, and transforms them into less toxic ones, which are suitable for transportation, stor

The Shrewd Business Sense of Garbage Disposal in Developed Countries


Recently, Shanghai will plan to build 12 permanent building waste resource utilization plants. As soon as the news spread out, it immediately drew attention, and the "garbage Besieged" dilemma facpment of the city was once again in front

A Sharp Weapon to Carry on the Innocuous Treatment of Domestic Waste


"Garbage is the resource in the misplaced position. The more resources are consumed, the more waste is produced, "In turn, more garbage should be converted to resources.

Be Fined? How to Deal with the Kitchen Waste?


Since February 1, 2018, the "regulation for the management of food waste in Zhengzhou" (hereinafter referred to as the "regulation") will be formally implemented.

How to Exploit Waste Papers Resource?


During the first half of the twentieth Century, people from all over the world increased their consumption of iron and sugar. At the same time, the demand of papers increased sharply, and even became the important measure of a country's ec

Waste plastics recycling is good for both the common people and national economy. The industry restr


As we know, most of the plastics are non degradable, day after day, it will produce very serious white pollution and baddly damaged the eco environment. While, the plastic recycling can effectively relieve the problem of pollution. So, the

Green Development Still Needs to Get Rid of the Problem of White Pollution


The white pollution it is an image appellation for environmental pollution caused by non degradable plastic waste. In order to limit and reduce the usage of plastic bag, Plastic Limit Orders had been carried out since June 1st, 2008, while

Establishing Resource Recycling System, the Electronic Waste Were Hopefully Be Used Again


The reason electronic waste has attracted worldwide attention is because a large number of electronic wastes have been generated in the whole world, showing rapid growth due to the upgrading of consumption structure and the updating of elec

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