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The annual amount of waste electrical appliances is over 100 million, the recycling problem is serio


At present, the amount of waste Electrical Appliances is over 1.6 billion in Chinese families. As the improvement of life, more old Electrical appliances has ap

Recycling rate ≤ 10%! reusing the old clothes to achieve win-win


With the improvment of people’s living quality, municipal solid waste increase 9-10% per year. Among the 2400 tons waste clothes, only 10% of them can be

The medical waste treatment institution need to be regualted


With the development of people’s life quality and medical technology, the number of people who have large-scale operation, pathogens that cutted and the n

The great adjustment on environmental policy, the plastic recycling industry is flourishing


The waste plastic in sea is more than fish? You only can have photos with waste plastic when you are diving in the sea? The garbage belt in pacific is around 80

Electric Waste Develop into the “City Minerals” Waste: A Valuable “Golden” Market


Nowadays, as electric products develop very fast, the rising number of E-waste becomes an unavoidable problem. In 2025, the amount of waste will reach 10 million per year. If the E-waste can’t be treated properly, it will pollute the envir

The Price of Waste Paper is Unstable, Recycling Market is Roaring


According to the data of relevant department, It needs to cut 20 trees that ageing from 20-40 to make 1 ton paper. However, recycling 1ton waste paper can recreate 0.8 ton recycled paper fiber which can avoid 17 trees to be cut. Due to the

How Do You know About Garbage Incineration Power Generation


The fast growing China makes more and more garbage every day. Burial fields and incinerators are inundated. How about converting these wastes into energy? The c

The Government Work Report During the Two Sessions Focus on Foreign Waste and Intelligent Applicatio


The day before, the latest report on the work of the government which once again focuses on "foreign garbage" and "intelligent application" and other words.

GEP ECOTECH—A Powerful Support of the Construction of Venous Industrial Park in Henan Province


Several days ago, the three-year Construction Plan of Venous Industrial Park in Henan Province was published. It is a sign that the venous industrial park will become the front of the innocent treatment and resource utilization of all kinds

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