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Landscaping garbage turned into "green organic fertilizer"


Landscaping garbage mainly refers to dead branches, deciduous leaves, Xiehua, trees and shrub pruning and other plant residues caused by natural leaf litter or artificial pruning. In recent years, with the rapid development of the central c

Waste incineration power generation, low carbon and environmental protection, help the city's green development!


The city is developing, the population is increasing, and the ensuing is the increasing number of garbage. In order to keep up with the trend of sustainable urban development, waste incineration power generation will gradually replace landf

New upgraded mobile solid waste crushing station to realize domestic garbage recycling


Domestic garbage has a large amount of production, complex composition, contains a large amount of organic matter, and is easy to breed a large number of bacter

How to dispose of discarded plastic bottles properly?


Consumers around the world consume an average of 1 million beverage bottles per minute, and 8 million tons of plastic waste flows into the ocean every year. These discarded plastic bottles engulf the life of the ocean and threaten human hea

Biomass cogeneration has become a new trend for crop straw disposal


Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the "Notice on Comprehensively Compiling the Comprehensive Utilization of Straw" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), requiring all provinces to strengthen the promotion o

Asia's largest environmental exhibition will open in Shanghai on April 15th


On the morning of April 8, the 20th China International Expo will be held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Shanghai. The conference will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on April 15-17.

Domestic garbage shredder breaks through the bottleneck of urban waste classification


Recently, the "Pilot Work Plan for the Construction of "No Waste City"" issued by the General Office of the State Council has brought a small disturbance to the cement industry. The plan proposes that 10 cities around the country will b

Straw is forbidden to be incinerated, and biomass straw shredder assists straw conversion and reuse


As a big agricultural country, China has abundant agricultural resources. During the harvest season, farmers will burn corn stalks and wheat stalks in the farmland. After the introduction of the straw ban, burning is not allowed. If the cro

Cement kiln cooperative hazardous waste disposal——hard path but brilliant future


As the government has increased supervision over environmental issues, our country has attached great importance on hazardous waste and the disposal of hazardous wastes has become more and more standardized.

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