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GEP Intelligent plastic waste disposal production line helps waste plastic bottles transform into recycled polyester fiber


Or the waste mineral water bottle "turning waste into treasure" to become the "flag red" carpet production process: first, after the waste plastics are sorted, after high temperature cooking and cleaning sterilization, and then smash into s

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Retirement shared bicycle destination: 99% recycling and reuse


After the sharing of the bicycle boom, shared bicycle cemeteries appeared in many places, and used shared bicycles have become intractable urban garbage. According to estimates, by 2020, at least 10 million shared bicycles will be scrapped,

Strong shearing force and high crushing efficiency - GFM series tire steel wire separator


As cars become more popular, discarded tires become an astonishing number. According to incomplete statistics, the annual production of used tires in China has increased sharply by 8% to 10%. By 2020, the output of used tires in China will

Waste tire thermal cracking welcomes development heat


Waste rubber has become synonymous with black pollution, polluting the environment and occupying more land. The data shows that only 45% of the waste tires are recycled and resourced. The increasingly severe black pollution poses a serious

E-waste can also turn waste into treasure


The 2020 Olympic Games will be held in Japan. In order to prepare for this event, the Japan Olympic Organizing Committee has collected and refined the recycled metals required for the 5,000 medals for the next Olympic and Paralympic Games,

kitchen waste disposal system: kitchen waste "eat" into the fat soil "spit"


Kitchen waste mainly refers to food waste, food and beverage residues, food processing waste, non-reservable animal and vegetable fats and oils and various oil-water mixtures in households, schools, institutions, public canteens and restaur

High efficiency of comprehensive utilization of straw: new fuel for avatars


The rise of biomass energy is one of the effective ways to solve rural energy in China. Biomass energy replaces coal-fired energy, reducing greenhouse effect is the most practical and the most easily promoted renewable energy, and has great

Double-shaft crusher is specially designed for industrial waste disposal


With the acceleration of urban renewal and the rapid development of industrial enterprises, the dumping of industrial solid waste violations has become a thorny issue in urban management. The pilot project for the construction of “no-waste

Landscaping garbage turned into "green organic fertilizer"


Landscaping garbage mainly refers to dead branches, deciduous leaves, Xiehua, trees and shrub pruning and other plant residues caused by natural leaf litter or artificial pruning. In recent years, with the rapid development of the central c

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