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GEP production base with an annual output of 400 sets solid waste recycling equipment (Phase I project) will be completed by the end of the year

post time:2021-03-25

On the premise of technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing, GEP Ecotech Co.,Ltd’annual focuses on the R&D, production, sales and service ofintelligent, environmentally friendly technologies and solid waste recycling equipment, providing customers with one-stop solid waste pretreatment solutions.

In the past few years, as the company's production, sales and research capabilities have grown by leaps and bounds, the original production workshop covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters and having more than 100 precision CNC processing equipment can no longer meet the environmental protection market's demand for GEP Ecotech Co.,Ltd. The company is far-sighted and invested 300 million yuan in the Yuanyang County Industrial Concentration Zone to build a production base of high-efficiency intelligent solid waste recycling equipment with an annual output of 400 units (sets). Among them, the first phase of the project with a total area of 68 mu and a total construction area of 35,000 square meters will be completed and put into operation at the end of this year. By then, it will be able to achieve an annual output of 400 units (sets) of solid waste recycling equipment, with an output value of more than 500 million yuan, which continuously contribute to the green earth and realize the corporate mission of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

The first phase of the Yuanyang production base consists of a production area and a comprehensive office building. The production area has three production plants, 1#, 2#, and 3#, including CNC wire-cutting machine tools, CNC lathes, vertical machining centers, and CNC gantry machining centers. More than one hundred sets of precision CNC machining equipment will be settled here by then. The production area will continue the quality control process system and 6S management standards followed by the existing factories. All raw materials entering the factory and finished equipment leaving the factory must undergo several rigorous inspection procedures. High-precision and high-quality products are our consistent pursuit.

After completion, the production base will have a complete corporate computer network and communication network, which can realize the networking, intelligence and informationization of product design, administrative management and production processes, including the establishment of office automation (OA) and customer relationship management (CRM) The information management system, engineering design/process/manufacturing system based on CAD/CAPP/CAM, intelligent monitoring system, etc., inject fresh blood of information technology into the traditional manufacturing industry, and improve the management level and innovation ability of the entire enterprise.

Relying on advanced European and American GEP ECOTECH technical support, GEP Ecotech Co.,Ltd. actively promotes the modular design and standardized manufacturing of non-standard products, and introduces intelligent modules such as the Internet of Things, automation equipment and information management software during production and product use. A series of self-developed intelligent environmental protection equipment has gained a good reputation in the fields of domestic waste classification and disposal, automobile dismantling and disposal, hazardous waste pre-disposal, kitchen waste and other solid waste crushing and resource recycling,which had aa certain market influence.

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