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Set sail! GEP ECOTECH made a formal departure and sent overseas


On September 20th, GEP ECOTECH Intelligent GD twin-shaft shear crusher was successfully loaded and officially sent to the overseas project site. This successful delivery further proves the superior performance of GEP ECOTECH products, expan

Aiming at the diversified needs of solid waste disposal, GEP ECOTECH’s “innovation of wisdom” is at the time


The 2019 China International Expo Fair Guangzhou Exhibition ended successfully at the China Import and Export Fair. At this exhibition, GEP ECOTECH intelligent environmental protection brought new products and new technologies to attack, an

The 5th IE expo Guangzhou 2019, GEP Makes an Appointment With You.


IE expo—the 5th IE expo Guangzhou will be held in Pazhou Pavilion of China Import and Export Commodity Fair from September 18 to 20, 2019.

At that time, GEP ECOTECH CO., LTD will bring brand new products and technologies to the exhibition

Large-scale garbage disposal production line successfully completed debugging, solving the problem of garbage disposal in Nanjing


In order to solve the problem of disposal of large-scale garbage, Nanjing has built a large-scale garbage sorting and disposal center, and set up a special large-scale garbage disposal site to carry out centralized and standardized treatmen

In the era of forced garbage classification, the disposal of garbage is justified


In the era of forced garbage classification, in addition to paying attention to the classification of waste sources, it also requires higher construction requirements for facilities, technologies and systems for waste end treatment. With th

Entering the large-scale garbage disposal site of the full-circulation intelligent classification ecological operation project


A large amount of large-scale garbage is generated during the renovation of houses, relocations, and residential waste furniture. Residents do not know how to deal with them and discard them at will, and the large amount of unmanned garbage

GEP ECOTECH has reached a cooperation with US customers, focusing on the crushing of vulnerable parts of fighter aircraft


Recently, US customers held a symposium with GEP Intelligent Environmental Protection and signed a cooperation agreement on the fighter wearing parts destruction project. The relevant project leaders of both parties attended the signing cer

Constantly Exploit Overseas Market GEP Tire Disposal Production Line Exported To Southeast Asia


On June 26, the first batch of GEP tire disposal production line was successfully loaded in the workshop and will be sent to Southeast Asia. The two waste tire disposal production lines are delivered in two batches, the second batch is expe

Garbage classification is gradually advanced, Jiepu helps garbage classification intelligent disposal


Garbage classification has an unprecedented degree of emphasis, high feasibility, and entered a new stage of development. As an inevitable move to promote green development, garbage classification has become an increasingly popular hotspot

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