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Ding zaiyun from GEP ECOTECH wins the honorary title as “progressive and honest Jiangsu entrepreneur

post time:2018-01-30

  The evening of January 26, 2018, Jiangsu chamber of Commerce in Henan Province held the New Year's greeting party successfully in Zhengzhou Greenland JW Wanhao Hotel, GEP ECOTECH general manager Ding Zaiyun won the honorary title as "progressive and honest Jiangsu entrepreneur".




  Under the care and support of the Jiangsu chamber of Commerce in Henan Province, GEP has gone through the extraordinary year of 2017. In this year, it grew very fast, and the GEP people have created their own pride with a forward attitude and an enterprising style.




  Today, with the deepening of the concept of "universal environmental protection",GEP has gained a high reputation in the market by virtue of intelligent shredding equipment, intelligent monitoring system and intelligent professional dust suppression. Especially in the industrial hazardous waste treatment, domestic waste and rubber tire shredding and other fields it have always occupied the leading position in the industry.




  The strong union of North American technological achievements and independent patent research and development makes GEP ECOTECH in the smart shredding industry the high-end positioning widely accepted by the market. In the future, GEP will continue adhering to the idea of "always making good equipment" with the greatest sincerity, the best product and the best service.GEP is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive and one-stop professional shredding solution.


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