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GEP intelligent bulky waste disposal system has been installed and debugged in Tibet!

post time:2020-08-19

Recently, the first intelligent bulky waste disposal project in Tibet has been installed and debugged. Under the severe working conditions of high altitude, low air pressure and extremely cold, the overall operation of GEP bulky waste disposal system is stable, which verifies the stable and reliable quality of Jiepu solid waste disposal equipment under the extreme challenge.


As one of the 46 pilot cities of domestic waste classification and treatment in China, Lhasa has taken various measures in recent years to further promote the domestic waste classification work and comprehensively improve the waste classification level and harmless treatment capacity. Under the background of the implementation of the strategy of "city building by environment", Lhasa, centering on the goal of ecological civilization construction, has made solid ecological foundation for the comprehensive construction of a new socialist modern Lhasa, from promoting the transformation of domestic waste disposal mode, promoting the implementation of urban waste recycling and harmless treatment projects.

Tailor solutions to local conditions

Tibet is known as the roof of the world and the third pole of the earth. It has low temperature, little accumulated temperature, large temperature difference between day and night. The annual average temperature is - 2.4 ° c-12.1 ° C, which is very challenging for machinery and equipment.


In the early stage of cooperation, GEP made full investigation in the project site, analyzed the process flow, construction scheme and equipment selection of high altitude, optimized and adjusted the bulky waste disposal system according to the environmental characteristics of Tibet, solved the problems of equipment adaptation in high altitude areas, formulated reasonable solutions, ensured the stable operation of the equipment in high cold and low temperature environment.

GEP equipment helps bulky waste disposal with intelligent and efficient

The bulky waste disposal production line is customized by GEP for the resource disposal of bulky waste. The process of shredding + sorting + compression and volume reduction is mainly adopted to transform the bulky waste into reusable resources after shredding and volume reduction and sorting.


The production line is composed of conveying system, shredding system, magnetic separation system, compression and volume reduction system, intelligent monitoring system and intelligent dust reduction system, which can turn bulky waste into treasure, improve the recovery and utilization rate, truly realize the reduction, recycling and harmless disposal of bulky waste.

The bulky waste shredding and disposal system adopts GEP patented GI intelligent technology and Siemens PLC automatic control. This system equipped with mobile phone App remote monitoring system, which runs through the whole process of bulky waste throwing, shredding, sorting and discharging. The application of intelligent big data can realize progress visualization, processing planning and scientific planning.

Performance characteristics of bulky waste disposal system

1. Modular design, small land occupation, scientific and reasonable feeding and discharging process;

2. GI intelligent system, intelligent monitoring, intelligent maintenance, intelligent linkage;

3. Efficient intelligent dust control system, fully enclosed design, avoid secondary pollution;


GEP bulky waste disposal system has strong adaptability, strong stability and low failure rate, which has laid a solid foundation for ensuring the quality and shortening the construction period of the project. The production line has completed the installation, commissioning and delivery, which will effectively solve the problem of bulky waste and garden waste disposal in Lhasa.

Practice commitment with action

On the plateau with an altitude of nearly 4000 meters, GEP service team has withstood the extreme climate test of Tibet Plateau, and is not afraid of the plateau reaction under the extremely environment of Tibet, finally successfully completed the installation and commissioning task, and the rapid installation and commissioning service has been affirmed by the project side.

From design, manufacturing to installation and commissioning of bulky waste disposal equipment, each link embodies the customer-oriented service concept. GEP will continue to provide customers with professional and comprehensive after-sales service to ensure the stable and efficient implementation of the project.


For a long time, focusing on the enterprise mission of taking the recycling of resources as our own responsibility, dedicate in green technology, to achieve harmony between man and nature, GEP adheres to persistent technological innovation, high-quality processing and manufacturing, timely and effective service, constantly provides reliable intelligent solid waste disposal equipment.

Now, GEP waste disposal system has been successfully rooted in the plateau, taking care of the blue water and blue sky of the plateau, contributing to the construction of beautiful Tibet. In the future, GEP will continue to implement the environmental protection thought of the new era, practice the development concept of green water and green mountain as well as the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing, so as to add new impetus to better promote solid waste recycling disposal.

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