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GEP is back to work and put into production at full capacity!


With the safe and orderly return of employees, the production capacity of GEP is gradually restored. GEP is expected to enter into normal production in the middle of March.

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Fight the Novel Coronavirus: a letter from Gep Ecotech to Customers


If we are willing to work together,we will win! Thanks again the customer friends for long time trust and support to GEP Ecotech! Face the epidemic,GEP has been with you! Let's work together to win this battle.

Gep production——Optimize the process flow, improve to control product quality


As a high-tech enterprise in the field of solid waste disposal, GEP Ecotech focuses on the design, research and development, production and sales of intelligent solid waste treatment equipment to provide customers with one-stop solid waste

Domestic waste sorting center of Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City are putting into operation!


On December 1st, the domestic waste sorting center of Zhongyuan District was put into trial operation, which is the first domestic waste sorting center in Zhengzhou. The completion and operation of this project is an important practice to s

Chengdu bulk waste disposal project passed the acceptance at one-time


On December 4th, Chengdu bulky waste disposal project passed the acceptance at one-time, which is marking the official launch of GEP Intelligent bulky waste system. This project is laying the foundation for the reduction, harmless and resou

Southeast Asia NNBP25MW biomass power station project is really cool!


The high-rise modern plant, set against the blue sky and white clouds, is the site of GEP NNBP25MW Biomass Power Station project. Walk into the biomass power station, you can feel: the whole plant is clean and tidy, the environment is beaut

GEP ECOTECH Bulky waste production line is ready for delivery to Chengdu


Recently, GEP bulky waste disposal production line complete equipment manufacturing, qualified testing, are sent to Chengdu. The smooth delivery of the equipment once again highlights the market reputation of GEP ECOTECH g, and lays the lea

Enter the site of GEP Southeast Asia tire disposal production line, visit the Rebirth Journey of waste tire


All the time, the waste tire is known as Black Pollution, it has gradually become a major problem in the field of global environment protection. The management of waste tire is urgent. Pyrolysis technology can realize the recovery of resour

The Zhongyuan district domestic waste sorting center will be put into operation soon, which will play a key role in waste classification


As one of the 46 pilot cities of domestic waste classification in China, Zhengzhou will implement urban domestic waste classification management measures from December 1, which means that Zhengzhou is about to enter the era of mandatory cla

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