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14In 2007 GEP Machinery Processing Factory, a factory specializing in processing mechanical parts and hardware fittings was born in the Central Plains hinterlan

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Grand opening of GEP ECOTECH Equipment Construction Project


This morning, the much-anticipated GEP ECOTECH annual output of 400 units (sets) of high-efficiency intelligent environmental protection equipment construction project groundbreaking ceremony was held in the Yuanyang County Industrial Gathe

GEP bulky waste disposal system went to Qingdao, China to fulfill its mission


Qingdao, China, a tourist destination famous for its pleasant climate, evergreen trees, and elegant environment, has also encountered increasing resistance from garbage in the promotion of the construction of a waste-free city. In view of t

GEP production base with an annual output of 400 sets solid waste recycling equipment (Phase I project) will be completed by the end of the year


In the past few years, as the company's production, sales and research capabilities have grown by leaps and bounds, the original production workshop covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters and having more than 100 precision CNC

Intelligent bulky waste shredder and disposal system in Fujian, China officially put into production


Since the implementation of waste classification, various cities in Fujian, China have gradually established an intelligent disposal system from front-end collection to terminal, effectively realizing the reduction, harmlessness, and resou

GEP ECOTECH bulky waste disposal equipment is shipped in a centralized manner!


Recently, two sets of bulky waste disposal equipment have been inspected and loaded into trucks at the GEPfactory, and they have successively rushed to the Jiangxi project site, which will soon become a solid force for the recycling of loca

GEP hazardous waste pre-disposal system are delivered to the oil field in Northwest China


Here is the national important petroleum and petrochemical base, but also GEP hazardous waste disposal project site. The weather here is difference between winter and summer, dry and few rain, it is always windy in spring and autumn, the te

GEP ECOTECH bulky waste disposal project in Huai’an passed the formal acceptance at one time


Recently, GEP ECOTECH provided a bulky waste disposal system for Huai'an large garbage disposal project. In the operation test, the parameters exceeded expectations and passed the acceptance at one time.

Bulky waste shredder system sent to Jiangsu, China


Entering December, GEP ECOTECH set off another sales climax, and the intelligent solid waste disposal equipment ushered in the peak delivery period. On December 15, after passing the factory inspection, the GEP intelligent bulky waste shred

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