GZS Series Roller Screen

GZS Series Roller Screen

Work principle:

This series of roller screen consists of motor, reducer, roller, box, belt conveyor, etc. The principle is to drive the rubbish vibration on the screen by rotating the roller. There is a clearance between the rollers, as to the size and weight of garbage, to achieve the purpose of sorting. According to different widths, 15 to 20 screen trays can be installed on a roller. According to the required screening capacity, install different number of rollers. The motor drives the roller to rotate synchronously. Other type screen meshes on the trays are easily blocked by wet garbage, while roller screen trays are not easy to be blocked by sieve holes because they keep rotating.

Product introduction

GZS series roller screen are used for separating materials smaller than the required size. The screen tray adopts a dish-shaped structure. Roller of roller screening machine rotated by driving equipment. When material enters the equipment, the material smaller than the clearance of screen tray falls into the lower collection belt from the clearance and is transported out of the equipment by the collection belt, the material larger than the clearance will be transported to the next process. Roller screening technology is especially suitable for sorting: shredded domestic waste, industrial waste, bulk refuse derived fuel; it can also be used in the production process of waste rubber sorting, waste paper sorting, waste plastics sorting, RDF preparation and other renewable resources sorting and reuse.

Product advantages

Technical parameter

Model Power(kW) Screening area(mm²) Capacity(t)
GZS1030 2×4 1000×3000 1-3
GZS1240 2×5.5 1200×4000 3-5
GZS1550 3×4 1500×5000 5-10

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