Mobile garbage compression station

Mobile garbage compression station

Work principle:

The mobile garbage compression station is mainly composed of box, lidded trash bin and power cabin. When the trash bin is filled with garbage, the scraper opens, the sliding plate drives the scraper to move down together, then both of them insert into the garbage to crushing and first compression. After the scraper is in place, it moves up with the sliding plate to compact the garbage into the trash bin and returns to the starting position. The whole working process is automatically controlled. During continuous compressing and filling process of garbage, the pushing shovel gradually step back against the back pressure under the action of the squeezing force, so that the garbage can fill the entire trash bin evenly.

Product introduction

The mobile garbage compression station is a removable large-capacity garbage bin, which integrates seal, deodorizing, compression and storage, with large garbage treatment energy and tight seal. It can realize no transit, no landing and no pollution, which can effectively avoid secondary pollution caused by leakage, falling and odor during garbage collection and transfer. It is a safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving product, it is the first choice for urban environmental sanitation.

Product advantages

Technical parameter

NO. Item Technical data
1 Active are of the box(m³) 08 10 12 15 18 22
2 Most condensation force(kN) 230 230 280 340 340 340
3 Volt/Power(V/KW) 380/5.5
4 Shape and form Arc, circular(15³)
5 System configuration Differential oil circuit/touch screen/cooling system/optional frequency, IoT system
6 Feeding method upended-hopper, feeding by 120L/240L/660L trash can
7 Adaptive hook arm 12 ton 18 ton 25 ton 31 ton

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