Food waste collection truck

Food waste collection truck

Work principle:

The food waste collection truck is composed of garbage tank, garbagecompression device, lifting and loadingdevice, drain outlet, hydraulic system and electric control system. The right side of the tankis equipped with a garbage binlifting and loadingdevice, which can liftand flipthe garbagebin, dump the garbage into the tank. There is a garbage compression device in the tank whichhas the function of pushing and compressing to realize the preliminary separation of oil and waterfrom the garbageand the reduction of waste volume.

Product introduction

The food waste collection truck is mainly used for the collection and transportation of domestic garbage, food garbage (swill) and urban sludge, the mobile operation is suitable for collection along the street.

Product advantages

Technical parameter

NO. Item Technical data
1 Product specification 3 Ton 5 Ton 8 Ton
2 Active are of the box(m³) 4.5 6 8
3 Box material Stainless
4 System configuration Optional full box alarm and automatic weighing equipment
5 Feeding method Feeding by 120L/240L trash can
6 Discharge method Discharge by push plate

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