Solution of Intelligent Monitoring System

Intelligent monitoring system is the basis of modern production line control automation, and it is a fast, efficient and automatic production line control system. In order to improve the safety and reliability of shredding equipment and help to upgrade the traditional solid waste treatment enterprises, GEP ECOTECH relies on the big data technology of Internet of Things, independently developed and designed an intelligent monitoring system, it is with the ability of remote intelligent monitoring and integrated production management, which realizes the "integration of management and control" to the solid waste shredding production line with high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection.

Solution of Intelligent Monitoring System
Solution of Intelligent Monitoring System
Solution of Intelligent Monitoring System

Main advantages of intelligent monitoring system:

  • 1.Centralized start-up control to improve safety of production control

  • 2.Logs can be checked to improve the accuracy of solution-making

  • 3.Real-time state monitoring, get good grasp of equipment operation status timely

  • 4.Telecommunication control, flexible and convenient operation

  • 5.Full-line video monitoring, realized visual monitoring on Site

  • 6.Adjustable parameters to improve production efficiency

  • 7.Fault warning prompt to reduce the incidence of faults

  • 8.Automatically collaborative optimization of equipment, to optimize the production mode

  • 9.Monitoring of environmental protection elements to improve the working environment of production line

Our company has developed a single intelligent monitoring system and a comprehensive intelligent control system for the production line for the solid waste crushing production line. The single-machine intelligent monitoring system is used for intelligent monitoring and alarming of equipment-related parameters; the sensors corresponding to different types of equipment and parameters are used to collect relevant parameters of the equipment, and the collected relevant parameters of the equipment are transmitted to the control host. The logic analysis is performed by the PLC inside the host to realize intelligent monitoring and alarm output. The integrated intelligent control system connects all the single intelligent control systems to the intelligent control host through fieldbus or industrial Ethernet, making it a whole network system, realizes the decentralized control of the equipment and the monitoring and intelligence of the entire production line through PLC. Control: When a certain equipment in the production line fails, the system can not only promptly report the alarm, but also the system can automatically shut down the associated equipment step by step according to the production process, to avoid further damage to the equipment.

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