Domestic Garbage Shredding Line

  • Domestic Garbage Shredding Line
  • Domestic Garbage Shredding Line
  • Domestic Garbage Shredding Line

Client: An Incineration Power Generation Company

Material: Domestic Garbage

The material size after shredding: <300mm

Capacity: 30t/h

Crushing result: Municipal solid waste incineration pretreatment; municipal solid waste landfill compression, volume reduction; resource reuse; organic fertilizer

Customer evaluation: Because of the complexity of domestic waste, the requirements for shredding equipment are high. Before deciding to cooperate with GEP, we also visited a lot of shredder manufacturers. After a series of comparisons, we finally chose the GEP intelligent solid waste crushing equipment. After the equipment is put into use, the operation is stable and the efficiency is high.


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