Waste tire shredder for sale in Malaysia

With the development of modern society, there are more and more waste tires in the world, it is a difficult problem to deal with the waste tire. A good way to deal with the waste tire can not only protect the environment but also bring big economic benefits. So nowadays more and more people pay attention to this waste tire disposal industry. Recently there are many customers from Malaysia to ask the price of waste tire shredder, Now let’s see how to deal with the waste tire?

What equipment will be used for wast tire disposal?

Gep Ecotech Co., ltd has rich experience in waste tire disposal industry, we have exported many waste tire disposal equipment over the world. Usually, firstly the bead wires of the big waste tire(diameter ≥800mm) are pulled out by bead wire pulling machine, then are delivered to the double shaft shredder by the chain feeder for shredding, the output tire size after shredding is about 150mm, according to different application, different final tire size are needed. For example, 50mm, 10mm, rubber particles, rubber powder, these different size products will be used for different industry.

waste tire shredder

Waste tire shredder for sale in Malaysia

In Malaysia, we have exported many solid waste shredders for different use, waste tire shredder disposal equipment are also in great demand in Malaysia, Please contact GEP Ecotech Co., ltd for more information about waste tire shredder for sale in Malaysia if you want to know more about waste tire disposal.

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