Industrial oil sludge crushing and disposal plan

The problem of industrial oily sludge disposal

Oily sludge is oily solid waste produced in the process of oil extraction, transportation, refining and oily sludge disposal. Generally, the oil content of sludge is 10-20%, the water content is 10-15%, and the sludge content is 40-60%. In China's petrochemical industry, a large amount of tank bottom sludge and pool bottom sludge are produced every year. It has the characteristics of large output, high oil content, high heavy components, few comprehensive utilization methods, and high processing difficulty. Oily sludge contains a lot of toxic substances such as benzene series, phenols, anthracene, pyrene and so on. If oily sludge is not treated, it will not only cause serious pollution to the surrounding soil, water, air and its biosphere, but also cause resources Waste. The treatment of oily sludge has always been a major problem that plagues oil fields.

Oily sludge

How to dispose of industrial oily sludge?

Generally, oily sludge is divided into two states, one is viscous material and the other is solid soil. The viscous material can be crushed by a shear shredder, the packaging and bulk materials are crushed together, and then mixed with other materials uniformly through the agitator to achieve the purpose of homogenization, so that the incineration, cracking or steaming at the back end , the disposal effect will be better; for solid soil materials, it is recommended to manually break the bagged packaging materials, all solid soil materials should be crushed by impact crusher or hammer crusher, and the materials should be within 10cm and the packed material is processed by shearing and crushing, within 10cm, which is convenient for later incineration.

Industrial oily sludge shredding equipment recommendation

The GDI double-shaft shearing shredder uses the principle of mutual shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating knives to crush materials. Adopting "dual motor + dual planetary reducer", it has strong power and high running stability. It is often used in environmental protection fields such as industrial oily sludge pretreatment. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, large shearing force, good shredding effect, low noise and good stability. It is an ideal equipment for industrial oily sludge crushing.

double-shaft shearing shredder

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