How to Process Baled Metal Scraps, Overall Solution for Metal Scraps Bale Processing

Metal scraps bale is a material pressed by a special briquetting machine in the recycling metal industry in order to reduce storage and transportation costs, mainly including various types of metals, such as iron, aluminum, copper and so on. After briquetting in the recovery center, these waste metals are transported to a special metal recovery and smelting Center for subsequent recovery and disposal.

In order to improve the efficiency of subsequent recovery and disposal, large equipment is generally used to disassemble and shred these compacts before the recovery process, which can separate some impurities and reduce energy consumption. So what equipment is used to treat scrap metal compacts? GEP ECOTECH introduces you to the following proven equipment:

GC Series pre-shredder


GC series pre-shredder is an ideal metal shredder for pre shredding and metal scraps bale breaking. It is driven by hydraulic pressure and has super shear force. It can easily deal with the problems of slightly high scrap metal briquette and large toughness. Its unique tool design enables it to maintain a scientific balance between ensuring production capacity and final discharge size.

GC series pre-shredder is a primary crushing equipment specially designed to deal with large production, high reliability, baled and compressed materials.

GD series double-shaft shredder

How to process baled metal scraps, overall solution for metal scraps bale processing

Double shaft crusher is a general-purpose waste crushing equipment. It uses speed reduction motor or hydraulic drive. It is equipped with tools with different characteristics according to different materials and discharge requirements. It can easily cut materials to smaller sizes. It is a secondary crushing equipment often used in metal recycling plants at present.

GD series double shaft shredder produced by GEP ECOTECH adopts full frame overall processing technology, with high reliability and long service life. It is especially suitable for severe process requirements such as secondary crushing of waste metal package. GEP ECOTECH has an experienced engineer team, which can design scientific overall solutions according to the actual needs of customers. At the same time, our rich project experience can also help novices avoid common problems, reduce consumption and save investment costs.

If you have requirement for baled metal scraps process and recycling, please feel free to contact us, we will recommend the appropriate solution for you.

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