Crushing method of large plastic parts

Large pieces of plastic waste must be broken up by some means before it can be recycled. From the different technical principles, there are 4 methods for crushing large plastic parts. Let us briefly understand.

plastic waste


Large plastic parts are crushed into small pieces under the action of relative compression force. This method is suitable for large-volume waste plastic products.

The mode of action includes the squeezing action of two relatively moving metal plates, the rolling action of two relatively rotating rollers, and the squeezing action of the inner cone rotating eccentrically in the outer cone.


The material is crushed by the external impact force, suitable for brittle materials. Its mode of action includes the impact of external hard objects (such as hammering with a hammer), the high-speed impact between the material itself and the fixed hard steel plate, and the impact between the materials.


The material is crushed into fine particles after being crushed between the grinding bodies of different shapes, which is suitable for block plastic parts.


The material is broken into small pieces or fragments under the action of cutting, puncturing and shredding by sharp tools such as blades. It is suitable for tough materials, films, sheets and soft large plastic parts.

Double shaft shear shredder

The crushing method of large plastic parts is here for everyone. You can choose different crushing methods according to the situation of your large plastic parts, so as to achieve the disposal effect you want!

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